FPA Workshop Review

FPA Workshop Review

Karla Marie’s FPA Workshop promises a passive income through self-publishing eBooks on Amazon. She also has a YouTube channel called Fiction Profits Academy, though she last posted something new over a year ago.

Online MarketingThe free training highlights success stories of busy moms who make much money through this business model. However, the competition is growing for ebook publishers on Amazon, and high investment is required to succeed.

The FPA Workshop is a financial planning event open to financial planners and those who are not. It focuses on empowering consumers with the knowledge and tools to control their finances. In addition to financial advice, it also covers topics such as retirement planning and investment strategies. It’s a great resource for anyone looking to improve their finances.

FPA Workshop is a free training course led by Karla Marie. She is a mother who claims to make thousands from eBook self-publishing, and she promotes this training using a short video and fake live webinar. Her course claims to give away $500 if you stay for the whole thing, but this claim is highly misleading. In fact, the entire video is pre-recorded, and there is no money given to anyone who watches it.

To start publishing on the Kindle platform, you’ll need to create an account with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) service. You’ll then upload your book and set a price. You’ll receive a percentage of each sale, and you can track your earnings on the KDP website. This is a great way to earn passive income from your book sales.

The main training in the FPA Workshop includes a detailed curriculum and a private Facebook group where Karla Marie offers weekly group coaching sessions to help students succeed. This is a great option for people who want to learn how to make a living from writing and publishing books on Amazon. In addition, the program offers a monthly payment plan that makes it easier to afford the course. If you’re not sure if FPA Workshop is legit, read our review to find out more about the curriculum, pricing, and what you get for your money.

Karla Marie

Karla Marie is the founder of FPA Workshop, a paid course that teaches individuals how to publish ebooks on Amazon. She claims that her program can earn people up to $20k a month. However, this is a highly ambitious claim, and it is unlikely that anyone can achieve it. In addition, the free training video reveals that this business model requires significant upfront investment and little profit margins.

The course’s refund policy is unsatisfactory, and it requires participants to complete a number of tasks before they can get their money back. For example, participants must have a book published on Amazon and a sales page for the ebook. In addition, they must also attend one-on-one coaching sessions with Karla. This is a difficult requirement to meet and can be expensive for new writers.

Despite the challenges of the business model, Karla Marie has achieved success through her course. She is a mother of two and a law school graduate. Thanks to the FPA strategy, she has been able to successfully publish romance novels and work from home. She is passionate about helping other people achieve their dreams and works tirelessly to create a supportive community for her students.

In addition to her work with FPA Workshop, she has worked as a modeling coach for Tecate Ring Girls and as a professional dancer. She has appeared in music videos for Daniela Calvario and in commercials for Vizion Couture and Watercolors Boutique. She is also an active social media user, where she regularly posts eye-catching modeling photos and vlogs. She has more than 1 million followers on her Instagram account.

Free webinar

FPA Workshop is an online training program that teaches people how to make passive income by publishing eBooks on Amazon’s KDP platform. Karla Marie, the creator of FPA Workshop and Fiction Profits Academy, claims to have earned thousands of dollars by using this business model. However, there is little public information about her actual earnings. Moreover, the business model she promotes is not new or unique.

Karla Marie’s free webinar focuses on the Kindle Direct Publishing business model and features success stories of busy moms who earn a living from self-publishing books. She also sells her high-ticket course for $2K, which teaches the same business model. Her marketing methods are shady, and her claims of making six figures are misleading. Despite her claims, Kindle publishing is not a new or unheard-of business model. Moreover, it is highly competitive and requires significant investment in order to be successful.

The FPA Workshop also misleads people in its promotional material by promising a $500 cash bonus if they attend the webinar. However, when questioned on Trustpilot, the company said that it was only for attendees who stayed until the end of the fake live webinar. The company also did not disclose the fact that in addition to the $2K fee, participants must spend money on other fees, such as book covers, Facebook ads, mailing, and Booksprout.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many FPA chapters and members continued to offer financial literacy workshops during the year 2022. These workshops provide important information to consumers and help them take control of their financial futures. Sound financial advice and education are critical to all of us, and the increased number of consumers reached by these programs is an important accomplishment for the Association.

Money-back guarantee

While Karla Marie is not a scammer, her marketing tactics have been described as sketchy and misleading. Her free webinar teaches participants how to make money from eBook self-publishing. She claims to have earned thousands by doing this, although her public records do not reveal the extent of her income. Her program is also not a good fit for beginners, as it requires a substantial investment of time and money. The program’s money-back guarantee is only valid for 24 hours, and participants must meet certain conditions in order to qualify for a refund.

While the FPA Workshop is free, Karla Marie will try to sell her high-ticket course, Fiction Profits Academy, afterward. The training is designed to teach you how to self-publish ebooks on Amazon Kindle. She will show you how to build your books, create book covers, and market them. She will even help you set up a book launch campaign and get positive reviews. She will tell you that this is a lucrative business model and that you can make up to $20k per month.

However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Despite Karla’s promises, the online book publishing business is not beginner-friendly and requires months of hard work to make a profit. It is also not a reliable source of income, as competition for books on Amazon is increasing.

Karla Marie’s free training does not disclose the fact that after you sign up for Fiction Profits Academy, you will need to invest $2k in advertising, ghostwriters, and other expenses. The training is not as profitable as advertised, and you should avoid it unless you’re prepared to take on significant financial risk.


FPA Workshop offers financial literacy and pro bono financial planning programming. In 2022, 230 workshops were held, and 17,302 consumers attended. This is an impressive increase from the 5,546 consumers reached in the previous year. These workshops are facilitated by FPA chapters and members.

In her free training, Karla Marie touts the success stories of busy moms who make a substantial income by publishing ebooks through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). She claims that you can easily earn $20k per month if you follow her simple business model. While self-publishing ebooks on KDP is a viable business model, it’s not beginner-friendly and requires a significant investment of time and money.

If you’re serious about earning passive income, there are many other resources available online that can teach you the basics of creating and selling an ebook. These resources are more affordable and tailored to your needs. However, you should always be cautious when investing more than you can afford to lose.

The paid version of FPA Workshop is called Fiction Profits Academy. It costs $2K and includes additional fees for ad spend, ghostwriters, book covers, and more. While the training is not considered a scam, it has been described as misleading and unethical by some reviewers. Karla Marie has also been accused of using illegal marketing tactics to promote her course. This is a shame because the program offers valuable information to those who are willing to invest their time and money. Hopefully, she’ll improve her reputation as an educator in the future.

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