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The Mass Timber Code Coalition is dedicated helping International Code Council (ICC) voters understand the clear and certain benefits of tall wood buildings. Below is the latest news about tall mass timber and the importance of the upcoming ICC vote. Click here to read what others are saying about mass timber.

Cold comfort: New cutting- edge wood lab an 'engineering marvel,' says UNBC professor

Standing strong against the bone-chilling northern climates, the first-ever industrial building in North America to be Passive House certified has captured international attention. The University of Northern British Columbia's (UNBC) Wood Innovation Research Laboratory (WIRL) in Prince George is proof that an ultra-energy efficient, industrial wood building can be built to withstand the cold climate of northern Canada. (read more)

Washington first to allow tall wood buildings

Earlier this fall, the Washington State Building Code Council (SBCC) approved code changes that will allow for the structural use of mass timber in buildings as tall as 18 stories. This makes Washington the first state in the nation to allow tall mass timber buildings into its building code, without pursuing an alternate method. (read more)

State revises code to allow taller mass timber

Forterra said that on Friday Washington revised state building codes to allow tall structures to be made from mass timber - including engineered wood like cross laminated timber. The State Building Code Council approved a package of code changes that allow mass timber construction as tall as 18 stories, Matt Ojala, director of government affairs at Forterra, said in an email. (read more)

Architects urge government to consider environmental cost of timber building restrictions

Engineered timber products such as cross-laminated timber must be exempt from the UK government's ban on combustible cladding materials, as they are essential in the global battle against climate change, say architects. Waugh Thistleton co-founders Andrew Waugh and Anthony Thistleton and dRMM founding director Alex de Rijke have all urged the government to review its legislation, which prohibits the use of timber products on the external walls of residential buildings taller than 18 metres. (read more)

Sidewalk Labs unveils site plan for Toronto's Quayside development

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs has revealed its latest proposal for the new high-tech neighbourhood it is building at Quayside on Toronto's waterfront. The development will have 40 per cent below-market housing, including 20 per cent affordable housing. Sidewalk Labs has estimated that the project will create over 9,000 new jobs in construction and around 3,900 jobs upon completion. (read more)

Sidewalk Labs' updated smart city plan aims for 'people-first public realm'

Sidewalk Labs, the urban innovation unit of Alphabet, Google's parent company, will present a new plan for Quayside, its pioneering smart city development on Toronto's east waterfront, further demonstrating how it aims to improve how cities operate with a bottom-up reimagining of tech's place in urban living. (read more)

Sidewalk Labs releases a new site plan for its Toronto neighborhood

Alphabet subsidiary Sidewalk Labs is continuing to refine its plans for Toronto's waterfront Quayside neighborhood. The tech company released its first look at the mass timber development in August of this year and has now released a more in-depth breakdown of how its 12-acre site will be developed. (read more)

LEVER Architecture revamps The Nature Conservancy's Oregon HQ

LEVER Architecture is currently renovating the Oregon headquarters of The Nature Conservancy in East Portland. The Oregon Conservancy Center (OCC), as the building will be known, is on track to becoming one of the first structures in the country to utilize U.S.-manufactured cross-laminated timber (CLT) made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified wood. (read more)

4 Projects That Show Mass Timber is the Future of American Cities

As architects face up to the need for ethical, sustainable design in the age of climate change awareness, timber architecture is making a comeback in a new, technologically impressive way. Largely overlooked in the age of Modernism, recent years have seen a plethora of advancements related to mass timber across the world. This year alone, Japan announced plans for a supertall wooden skyscraper in Tokyo by 2041, while the European continent has seen plans for the world's largest timber building in the Netherlands, and the world's tallest timber tower in Norway. (read more)

New Candlewood Suites opens on New York military base

Lendlease, a public-private community developer, and IHG Army Hotels opened the new Candlewood Suites hotel on Fort Drum in upstate New York. The hotel was constructed using cross-laminated timber. (read more)