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What Others Are Saying

People and organizations across all sectors and industries are starting to understand the value of mass timber. Below is just a sampling of the support received by the exciting prospect of TMTB.

"But it has been known for centuries that heavy timber actually performs better in fire than structural steel; a layer of insulating and fireproof char forms on the outside of it when it burns, protecting the structural integrity of the wood. (It is designed bigger than it needs to be to allow for this char layer.) The recent development of cross-laminated timber creates a building material with all of the virtues of heavy timber without the need for the big trees."

"Wood is perhaps the greenest building material; it is a renewable resource that absorbs carbon dioxide as it grows, which is sequestered in the wood when it is cut into building materials."
   - Lloyd Alter: Adjunct Professor, Ryerson University School of Interior Design & Past President, Architectural Conservancy of Ontario

"Mass wood has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it good for protecting against seismic events"
   - Thomas Robinson: Founder, Lever Architecture

"We think there are benefits to this...First and foremost there is the opportunity to have more energy-efficient construction, because the way this cross-laminated timber is prefabricated, it essentially fits together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle...Secondly, the opportunity of building with wood, we obviously will maintain the carbon sequestration benefits of that wood from a climate perspective and we'll reduce that potential risk of fire a bit."
   - Tom Vilsack, Former Secretary of Agriculture

"The fact is that mass timber buildings cannot be compared with typical wood construction. From a fire standpoint alone, the building's fire-resistant materials, sprinklers, and layering of fire protection systems will make Brock Commons one of the safest buildings in the city."
   - Vancouver (ret.) Fire Chief John McKearney