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The Mass Timber Code Coalition is dedicated helping International Code Council (ICC) voters understand the clear and certain benefits of tall wood buildings. Below is the latest news about tall mass timber and the importance of the upcoming ICC vote. Click here to read what others are saying about mass timber.

East Village Office will be 1st in Iowa to use eco-friendly mass timber building material

A group of local developers is bringing the first speculative office and retail building in downtown Des Moines in more than a decade. The mixed-used building will also be the first in Iowa to use an eco-friendly building material called mass timber. The four-story, 64,000-square-foot building will be located at 111 E. Grand Ave. in the East Village, just north of the new City Hall parking garage on the same piece of land. "We think it's the kind of building that will help employers attract employees and retain employees," said Paul Hayes, president of the local real estate agency JSC Properties. "They want a nice space to work in." (read more)

Michael Green Architecture brings mass timber tower to New Jersey

Half a million square feet of mass timber office space is coming to downtown Newark, New Jersey, thanks to international firm Michael Green Architecture (MGA) and New York–based developer Lotus Equity Group. Lotus has described the project as the largest timber office building in the United States, and the tower will anchor Riverfront Square, a massive 11.8-acre, mixed-use development in Newark’s Central Business District. The building itself will forgo the typical steel and concrete core, instead using cross-laminated timber (CLT) beams and panels, and rise from a concrete foundation. Most of the project’s space seems horizontally aligned, as the building is composed of three stepped volumes that top out with the 11-story tower. This makes sense, as mass timber high-rises are still a touchy regulatory topic; the Wall Street Journal notes that the tallest timber building previously approved in New Jersey was only six stories tall. (read more)

Unique, timber-frame Atlantic Station offices to begin construction by spring

A long-planned office building will soon begin construction at Atlantic Station, the first infusion of new office space at the mixed-use mini-city in years.   Bisnow reports that Hines plans to begin construction on T3 West Midtown within the next 90 days. When complete, the building will provide more than 200,000 square feet of office space, all with an industrial vibe. (read more)

Cross-Laminated Timber Could Be The Next Big Thing In Construction

Rising labor and material costs have many developers and contractors looking to new ways to build their projects. One emerging material is cross-laminated timber or mass timber, which is a prefabricated wood system that creates a dense wood panel. It requires less labor and helps decrease construction costs. (read more)

How mass timber could transform our cities (really)

Mass timber is having its Maison Dom-Ino moment.   At the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale, a curious structure sat on the grass near the international pavilion in the Giardini. It was an engineered timber version of Le Corbusier’s Maison Dom-Ino, the seminal, prototypical reinforced concrete project, which was celebrating its 100th birthday. (read more)

Proposed Goose Island office building would be 6-story all-wood tower

A shuttered Goose Island lumberyard could soon become home to a type of construction not seen in Chicago since the 1800s: a wood-structured office building.   Real estate developer Hines said it plans to build a six-story, 270,000-square-foot office building on Division Street that would become the largest mass timber structure built in the United States in the modern construction era. (read more)

‘Plywood on steroids’ can benefit climate, forests

When "Framework," Portland's next iconic building, tops out at 12 stories, it will be the nation's tallest structure — and one of the tallest in the world — built entirely of wood. But Framework's most towering achievement may be its stellar environmental performance, including its role in fighting climate change. (read more)

Wood Construction Gains Ground in U.S. Commercial Buildings

Wood has been a staple in building single-family homes and apartment complexes of up to 85 feet in height for decades.   But the developer of one mixed-use building in Portland, Ore. is looking to change that as part of a burgeoning trend among developers and designers across the U.S. to bring the use of wood to new heights in commercial real estate. (read more)

World’s Tallest Mass Timber Building Opens At UBC

The world’s tallest mass timber building has opened at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.     The Brock Commons Tallwood House is an 18-storey mass timber hybrid residence housing 404 students. Finished in time for the 2017-18 academic year, the 162,700 SF building stands at 54 metres.   (read more)

New building materials save hotel developers time, money

High-tech construction materials are making it easier and less expensive for developers to raise a building—even during cold winters. They can also save an operator money in the long run by improving the building’s thermal retention, keeping the spaces cooler in summer and warmer in winter while using less electricity. (read more)