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The Mass Timber Code Coalition is dedicated helping International Code Council (ICC) voters understand the clear and certain benefits of tall wood buildings. Below is the latest news about tall mass timber and the importance of the upcoming ICC vote. Click here to read what others are saying about mass timber.

Mass Timber Tower Carbon12 Rises Over Code and Financing Hurdles

For Portland, Ore., developer and architect Ben Kaiser, the future of architecture and high-rise construction lies in wood. “To make an impact around environmentally conscious construction, you have to start with the big idea,” he says. (read more)

This Week in Tech: Oregon Legalizes Mass Timber High-Rises

Oregon has become the first state to legalize the constructon of mass timber buildings exceeding six stories in height under its statewide alternate method, according to the American Wood Council (AWC). Passed as part of a recent addendum to the state's building code, this legislation will enable the more widespread adoption of mass timber construction in the state, and sets a precedent for other states to follow. (read more)

MIT champions large-scale timber architecture with Longhouse proposal

Wood is the key to a more sustainable building industry, says architect John Klein, who has led Massachusetts Institute of Technology students in designing a large community centre from mass timber. The Longhouse is a 40-foot-high structure to be made from laminated veneer lumber (LVL), one of a new class of engineered wood products that are able to withstand high levels of stress. (read more)

The largest dowel laminated timber project in North America begins construction in Des Moines

11 East Grand, a 66,800-sf, four-story multi-use building, is currently under construction in Des Moines. The building is the largest dowel laminated timber (DLT) project in North America. DLT, manufactured by StructureCraft, will be used for the floor and roof assemblies. The columns and beams will be made from glue laminated timber. (read more)

Oregon is first state to change building code to allow tall mass timber buildings

Oregon recently became the first state to approve the use of science-based building code requirements for tall mass timber buildings. Under Oregon’s statewide alternate method (SAM), developers can receive early technical consideration and approval on tall mass timber structures. The Administrator of the State Building Codes Division issued SAM No. 18-01, which provides a prescriptive path for utilization of the code requirements developed by the International Code Council (ICC) Tall Wood Building Ad Hoc Committee over the past two years. (read more)

Tall timber construction gets the seal of approval in Oregon

Mass timber is having a moment. Plans for wooden buildings are popping up around the country, but the fact remains that building tall with timber is a challenge. That’s slowly changing. Oregon recently approved an addendum to its building code that allows timber structures to be built over six stories without having to acquire special permission. This update to the state’s buildings code comes after years of scientific and technical evaluation around technologies like cross laminated timber, and it effectively recognizes mass timber as a safe and viable mode of construction going forward. (read more)

MIT project explores design potential of mass timber

A project developed through a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) class has come up with an energy efficient design for a large wood building. For this structure, called “the Longhouse,” massive timbers made of conventional lumber would be laminated together like a kind of supersized plywood. The design will be presented in October at the Maine Mass Timber Conference at the University of Maine’s Wells Conference Center. (read more)

McDonald's new flagship store is made of cross-laminated timber

McDonald's recently opened its redesigned flagship store in Chicago and it's dominated by wood and cross-laminated timber (CLT). The new building, which opened August 9 on the site of the former Rock N Roll McDonald's in Chicago's River North District, is a steel and timber structure designed by Chicago-based Ross Barney Architects. The LEED-certified building has many sustainable elements - including CLT. (read more)

Alphabet’s ‘Digital City’ Eyes World’s Biggest Timber Project

Larry Page’s ‘city of the future’ on Toronto’s waterfront may end up having one foot rooted firmly in the past. Sidewalk Labs LLC, the urban innovation unit of Alphabet Inc., is considering constructing buildings in the 4.9-hectare (12-acre) high-tech community entirely with tall-timber technology -- engineered wood products that proponents say are as strong and fire-resistant as those made from steel or concrete. (read more)

Oregon becomes first state to legalize mass timber high rises

Portland has become something of a hotbed for timber innovation as of late. Carbon12, PATH Architecture’s eight-story glulam and cross-laminated timber (CLT) tower with a steel core, recently became the country’s tallest timber building and was set to be surpassed by LEVER Architecture’s 12-story Framework. Alas, that project was put on hold due to mounting financial difficulties last month, but it seems the precedent that the project achieved in securing a building permit from the State of Oregon and City of Portland will live on. (read more)