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This page is home to educational resources that provide the comprehensive facts about mass timber.


A Response to the Concrete Industry’s Campaign Against the ICC Process

The concrete industry has launched a misinformation campaign against mass timber that seeks to undermine the code development process, all in an effort to preserve market share. This rigorous process may not sit well with certain industry groups, but the public will be safer as a result, while benefiting from the clear environmental and economic advantages of mass timber buildings.

Understanding the Mass Timber Code Proposals: A Guide for Building Officials

This guide is a resource for buildings officials to better understand the 14 code proposals from the Ad Hoc Committee on Tall Wood Buildings. It includes detailed explanations of what each proposal entails along with the AHC-TWB’s justification for proposing them.

A Fire Safety, Environmental and Economic Assessment of Modifying Building Codes for Tall Mass Timber Buildings

This paper examines multiple benefits associated with expanding the use of mass timber by responsibly modifying building codes to accommodate taller mass timber buildings.


Authors: Douglas H. Evans, P.E., FSFPE; Stephen Kanipe, CBO, LEED AP; Joseph Kistner; Greg Johnson

Coalition One-Pager: The Facts About Mass Timber

A combination of fire resistance, structural integrity and environmental attributes make new tall wood buildings among the most innovative structures in the world. Here are the facts about mass timber.

Mass Timber Code Coalition March Newsletter

The MTCC’s March Newsletter describes the coalition and outlines its objectives.

Report: Compartment Fire Testing of a Two-Story Mass Timber Building

Five full-scale fire experiments were conducted to observe the performance of a two-level apartment style structure constructed of mass timber. This document provides details on how each was set-up and conducted, the instrumentation used to collect data, and a brief summary of the test results.

2021 IBC, 2018 Group A, Tall Mass Timber Proposals Review Guide

This document outlines the recommended review process and order of review for interested Code Officials.

2018 World Conference on Timber Engineering: Full-Scale Fire Tests of a Two-Story, Cross-Laminated Timber Structure

The results of five fire tests conducted in an effort to bridge knowledge gaps between fire testing and cross-laminated timber compartments.